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Career Profile: Productivity Improvement Coordinator

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  • Person: Ian Rumble
  • Company: DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd
  • Food System Fit: Input Suppliers
  • Job Type: Agronomy, Team Leader/Director
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Dupont Pioneer


DuPont Pioneer is the world’s leading developer and supplier of hybrid seed corn and branded varietal soybean seed. Pioneer provides seed that contains the most highly developed technologies for growing corn, soybeans, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa, rice, canola and wheat, among others.

What is exciting about Pioneer is that these crops don’t only feed the world but are used for fuel and fibre crops for industrial and human uses. When you work at Pioneer you are not only making agriculture better you are helping to feed and fuel the world.

We market our products in over 90 countries which enables you to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds and gain experience on an international scale. Across Canada we have three administrative offices, seven research locations and four production facilities.

Our customers in Canada are primarily corn, soybean, canola and wheat growers. We partner with our customers - by listening to them and walking in their fields we can better understand their needs. Pioneer prides itself on being a grower’s most trusted advisor.

In Canada we employ approximately 450 employees and continue to grow. Since 2008 we have increased our employee base by nearly 40 per cent.

There are a wide variety of positions at Pioneer with very different skill sets, some of which are; sales and marketing, research, production, administrative, communications, finance, engineering, human resources, information management, legal, safety management and supply chain. The opportunities really are endless.

We’re a big, “little” company. A place where people care about one another, are available to help you learn and treat you like family. We are guided by a philosophy we call, The Long Look that demands respect, honesty and integrity. As our market and the needs of our employees have changed, our business has adapted but our core values remain the same.


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