On July 1, 2011, EastGen became a reality. A proud partner in the Semex Alliance, EastGen represents an amalgamation of Eastern Breeders Inc. (founded in 1947) and Gencor (founded in 1996). Backed by the strength of this proud heritage, EastGen is firmly focused on delivering the semen, products, services and solutions to benefit the operations of all customers.

EastGen offers high reliability proven sires that deliver results in many different management systems, and exciting high genomic young sires possessing breed-forward genetics. Reproductive and mating programs offered by EastGen are tailored to improve your results…all this and more from a company whose employees are experienced, highly trained and dedicated to serving the customer.

EastGen services 8,583 members in Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador. EastGen’s Administrative Head Office is located just north of Guelph, Ontario, where Semex houses 500 bulls, with an additional 325 sires housed at a Housing/Production/Distribution site located at Kemptville, Ontario. EastGen’s professional technician network will inseminate an estimated 270,000 females with close to 475,000 units of semen sold annually.

Embracing Semex’s ‘Genetics for Life’ philosophy, EastGen is committed to developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships. Just as the company tagline states: EastGen Solves, EastGen Leads.

The EastGen team consists of a number of different departments: Sales, Administration and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT, Domestic Distribution, and Genetic Support, totaling 160 employees with 12 Directors on the Board and 100 voting delegates.

Website URL: http://www.eastgen.ca/