Flat Rock Cellars

Flat Rock Cellars



     TOTAL ACERAGE: 98 (80 planted)flat rock picture
     PURCHASED: 1999
     VINEYARDS PLANTED: 2000, 2001, 2004
     1st HARVEST: 2003
     PRODUCTION: 15,000 9l in full production
     VARIETALS: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling
     VQA SUB-APPELLATION: Twenty Mile Bench
     WINEMAKER: Jay Johnston
     PROPRIETOR: Ed Madronich


Flat Rock owns about 80 acres of vineyards, all planted with cool climate varietals that excel on the Twenty Mile Bench – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and a little Gewürztraminer to spice things up. Owning our vineyards gives us total control over the care of the grapes from start to finish. By encouraging beneficial plants, insects and cover crops in our vineyards we minimize harmful weeds, insects and fungi. That in turn reduces the need to spray – and that’s better for everyone. We also carefully manage the volume of grape clusters on the vine and thin them as necessary throughout the growing season. This ensures the quality of the fruit and the intensity of varietal character you’ll find in our wines. In the vineyard, our winemaker, Jay Johnston, is a real ‘hands on’ guy. From the first pruning in March, to crop thinning in August, to handpicking and sorting at harvest time, our vines are managed completely by hand.


We may be hands on in the vineyard but in winemaking our team is strictly ‘hands off’. Their role is to guide the wine through the process and to use natural tools to help the grapes find their truth. To help them become amazing fruit-driven, elegant wines – the kind we’re known for.

You won’t find a cork on any of our bottles as all our still wines are 100% screwcap. Ed even petitioned to have the VQA laws changed so we could finish our sparkling wines in crown caps. Why you ask? These ‘alternative’ closures are the only way to ensure the wine we make is the wine you’ll drink. Simple as that


2727 Seventh Avenue, Jordan Ontario Canada

tel: 905-582-8334






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