Hogendoorn Dairy

Hogendoorn Dairy

Hogendoorn Dairy is a family owned and operated business located near Baden, Ontario. We are a producer of quality milk for the Dairy Farmer’s of Ontario marketing group. We employ 10 part time employees to take care of the regular daily milking duties. We also have a Registered Veterinary Technician working full time to ensure the health and wellness of our milking herd as well as the young calves and growing heifers. There is one full time employee for field work and general farm help. Seasonally we hire for field work on an as needed basis.

There is very much a daily routine on the farm; however every day has its different challenges. Whether it is a heifer having her very first calf or making sure the crops are taken off the field before the rain comes, each day is different. Life is always busy on the farm; there is never a shortage of work to do.

Always with an eye on the future, the family has diversified on the farm. Not happy to rely only on selling milk they have begun selling crops as well. All the feed for the animals is grown on the farm, any excess is sold. We are always looking for better more efficient ways to do things.

In the past we have had many students from high schools in the area as well as international students spend time on the farm. Some have been co-op placements that last the school year and others have been week to month long placements. We are always open to talking to people who are interested in the dairy business and farming.

Happy employees mean happy animals which is good for their health and in turn, the business. The Hogendoorn family and their employees enjoy life on the farm and are always happy to share what they know with others.

We take pride in our operation and we hope it shows to all the visitors we see throughout the year.