Farm and Food Care Ontario

Farm and Food Care Ontario


Farm & food Care’s mission is be the responsible voice of agriculture with the vision of agriculture proactively working together – addressing questions to ensure consumer confidence.

Farm & Food Care represents thousands of farmers and associated businesses with a mandate to provide credible information on food and farming in Ontario.

We are involved in a variety of education and awareness initiatives.  Some of our well known projects and programs include the annual Faces of Farming calendars, The Real Dirt on Farming magazine and the Virtual Farm Tours website (see  We also organized a very successful pilot event in 2013 called Breakfast on the Farm, where 2,000 people enjoyed a free breakfast featuring all Ontario foods and toured a dairy farm.

One of our objectives is to advance responsible farm animal care throughout the entire agri-food supply chain and working with people who actually work with farm animals every day. This is where a lot of my work is focused as the Farm Animal Care Coordinator. Working with farmers is an extremely gratifying job and I am always learning from them. I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit and tour many different farms across Ontario including poultry aviaries, pig barns, and even water buffalo (see picture below). 

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Farm & Food Care is located in Guelph, Ontario and operates from a small office of 4 full time employees plus several contract staff. While we are a small group, farming is in our blood and we are delighted to work with people who are passionate about food and farming. 

The interest in buying local food and knowing how our food is grown has never been stronger and we’re proud to help tell the stories of the farmers who work hard to grow the fresh Ontario food that we enjoy so much. After all, to know farmers is to know your food.

To learn more about Farm & Food Care visit our website at Find us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @FarmFoodCare.