RD Legault Seeds Ltd.

RD Legault Seeds Ltd.

RD Legault Seeds LTD began as a family owned business and was incorporated later on. We are a team that values and promotes collaboration in order to meet daily challenges and workload demands.

Our customer base varies as we produce several end products and practice a wide assortment of business activities.

One area of our production is seed multiplication which is contracted under Dow AgroSciences. We own the high protein RD714 soybean variety and have exclusive rights for the use of SeCan’s OAC Nation soybean variety. Other production activities include Identity Preserved (IP) soybean export production, de-hulling split soybeans for human consumption, soybean and corn micronization for livestock, probiotics and forage preservatives, seed sales and elevator activities. Our diversified activities create an interesting mix of business driven by market demand.

Our team of eight operates out of our headquarters in St Albert, Ontario.

We have an excellent record of staff staying with us for an extended period of time. Our staff members view our business as a source of stable employment.

Our team consists of a general manager, office administrator, marketing & logistics manager, warehouse & processing production manager, micronization production operator and assistant positions.

Travel opportunities are offered to our marketing and logistics department.

We hire temporary workers depending on fluctuating increases in workload.