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This site has been designed to provide useful tools for both you and your students in order to explore career opportunities in the agri-food sector. The content on GrowingCareers.ca is developed by AgScape. AgScape is a non-profit, registered charity devoted to bringing agri-food perspectives into the classroom. Our resources provide fact based information and encourage critical thinking about the topics they cover.

Teacher Video Resources

Explore the videos page of GrowingCareers.ca to find interesting clips about working in the agri-food industry.  Find clips to show your class about the opportunities in the industry or have your students explore the 75 agri-business profile videos by using the search tool. 

Teacher Ambassador Lessons

Sign up to have an AgScapeTeacher Ambassador come into your classroom and deliver a free lesson about careers in the agri-food system. Click here for more information!

Bridge to Business

Designed for use for grade 9 to 12 in a variety of secondary subjects, Bridge to Business is a resource which allows you to extend the career discussion in your classroom to agri-business topics.  The agri-food industry is a leading driver of the Canadian economy. Exposing students to this high-end information helps them make connections to new and exciting careers in the sector.  For more information on the resource visit the electronic resource section of the AgScape website here.

Teacher Resources

Here you will find career resources which have been linked to the Ontario curriculum. The resources are divided by subject in order to provide a real life connection to the topics covered in, for example, a business or science class. The resources provide activities which require students to use their core competencies to investigate career opportunities. Also, there are written career profiles, handouts and other brochures to help you bring agriculture careers into your lessons.  

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